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Create your case on our user-friendly LegalHero platform

To gain access to our digital law platform you start by answering a guided questionnaire or a quick creation form about yourself and your legal concern. If you already have a user account, sign in or get started to create a case on your free personalised platform. All the data we process is securely stored on our digitised LegalHero platform. Confidentiality is our top-most priority. If you want to learn more on how we process your data you can read more here.

  • Creating a case at LegalHero is completely free
  • Receive transparent and detailed offers from our solicitors for free before accepting our services
  • Utilizing our services are 100% secure and confidential
Receive offers and select your preferred solicitor with LegalHero

Our platform always matches you with the most relevant solicitors for your case. Review your offers and turn your pending case to an active case on your personalised platform to start your legal journey with your chosen solicitor. It is as simple as 1-2-3…

  • Receive non-binding tailored offers within 24 hours from creating your case
  • SRA registered top-tier solicitors and pre-selected through Legal Hero’s internal process
  • All active (confirmed and accepted) cases are insured up to 300.000 GBP
Receive advice from a LegalHero solicitor of your choice

When you are comfortable with your offers, you can select your most preferred solicitor. The LegalHero platform has all the necessary features for correspondence with your solicitor, reviewing the advice/ progress, agreed terms, available facts of the case and status of the case. This confidential and user-friendly set-up is convenient for both our clients and our solicitors. We strive for the availability of accessible legal services and our platform strongly represents our mission.

  • Hire your chosen solicitor with a click of a button after reviewing all necessary information about the process
  • The offers you receive are non-binding until confirmed and binding for our solicitors which gives you the power to decide without worry of price changes
  • Save up to 60% more in comparison to traditional law firms with better services offered by our top-tiered solicitors on LegalHero

We constantly work to provide the best experience and service for our customers which is why our customers will be billed according to their preferred billing methods after the service has been completed. We eagerly await your feedback about your legal journey. If you would like to share your experience please contact us.

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