Technology tailored to the legal customer journey

We have built a digital platform with the goal of making the legal service experience as easy as possible. Our clients will still get the best legal experts available, but by modifying the way our service is brought to you, we are able to make it faster, more available as well as cost-effective.

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    We'll keep you updated when something happens on your case.

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    See offers

    Our lawyers will provide offers on how much it will cost to solve your case.

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    File Storage

    Both you and the lawyers have the possibility to store files on a case.

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    Chat with the lawyers online and get all matters clarified about your case.


Communication gathered in one spot

Secure chat

Our encrypted chat allows you to communicate with your advisors in a fast, easy and safe way. You are able to chat on the road from your phone, or at home in front of your computer with a cup of coffee next to you.

Complete overview

We gather all the cases you create and provide you with a simple and elegant way to manage them, so that you can always retain an overview. Your communication with your lawyers is automatically sorted in each case, which allows you to at all times be able to track your ongoing cases.

Always up-to-date

We will always keep you updated on when and where updates happen in your cases. You will be able to adjust, whether you want to receive more or less updates through email from LegalHero.

Handling of documents

Free storage

Our platform enables you to exchange documents and appendixes to further your case. There are no limits and everything will be securely stored through encryption.

Add files

It is easy to add files directly in the chat with your lawyer. Add your files, when it’s relevant for you and your lawyer. You are always able to delete the files later, if you wish.

Secure and transparent payment

Offers are binding

The offers are binding so that you can always have an overview of your expenses. Our clients will only be charged once the case is solved and closed.

Secure payment

Our platform utilizes Stripe in order to handle your payment information. We accept most debit- and credit cards.

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