Features offered on our digitalised legal platform at LegalHero

The modern era moving society online has constantly required innovative revolutionary digital solutions that enhance customer experiences. Along with the benefits provided through the digital evolution, LegalHero recognises the challenges and security concerns faced by our customers in the era of digital law. It is simply not enough to provide legal access anymore. The method of availability should comply with the core responsibility of "Confidentiality" by all legal practitioners worldwide. Confidentiality is the core for anything related to our legal services. Imagine if all your private and sensitive information was available for public access. Wouldn't that worry you? It definitely makes us concerned at LegalHero. This is the reason LegalHero has designed a platform full of secure and transparent digital features which are user-friendly and convenient.

Setting up is as simple as 1-2-3

Creating a case is as simple as 1-2-3 on our LegalHero platform as you have read in detail earlier on How it works. Our guided questionnaire provides all customers with explanations of our services at LegalHero. All you have to do is sign in or get started. Perhaps you would like to know what our services are, click here. If you already know which service would suit but how to fill the questionnaire or perhaps you are unsure, creating a case by filling a form is also available. If you find yourself in doubt, you can contact us by sending and email or calling our friendly LegalHero customer service.

Communication features gathered under one platform

Secure communication

All communication takes place on our encrypted LegalHero platform. On your personalised account we have set up an internal "chatting facility" that allows you to communicate with your advisors in a fast, easy and safe way. It is as simple as sending a message. Whether you are travelling about or working from home, our solicitors and our team are available for assistance at any time from anywhere.

Virtual Case Files at your fingertips

On our digital legal platform each case information created is available under its applied case name within the appropriate section on your personalised account. All pending and active cases are constantly updated with new information as it becomes available to you. You will always be able to access your documents, offers, legal advice and billing information.

Your cases are processed in three stages:

  1. Pending cases - These are cases you have created where you are awaiting offers or have received offers from our solicitors.
  2. Active cases - These are cases whose offers have been accepted by you and are ongoing.
  3. Completed cases - These are active cases that have reached a conclusion.
Which features handle what is next on your case?

LegalHero values our customers need for complete information which is our reason for providing updates according to your requirements through your registered email. You are able to adjust what kind of updates and the frequency of updates on your profile.

Handling of documents

Document sharing is important for providing all legal advice which is why our platform provides our customers with the option of uploading their private documents on our encrypted platform.

Free storage

It is vital that our customers can share all of the information relating to their case. We do not want any of our customers to feel they must choose between documents to be uploaded because of extra costs. On our platform there are zero limits to uploading documents and appendixes. We want everyone to feel comfortable that they have shared everything they need to be able to be satisfied with their legal solutions at LegalHero.

Uploading Files

Uploading files are easy to do on our platform and can be done at any time. Perhaps you have uploaded some documents when you filled our case questionnaire but you have missed one. That is completely fine, you can easily add this document directly to your chat with the solicitor of your choice. If you would prefer to remove the files shared, you can always do that later. Everything is your choice at LegalHero.

Secure and transparent payment feature

Legal services can have hidden costs which makes for confusing final payments. This is something we do not support at LegalHero which is why we strive to be 100% transparent over prices while providing our customers the opportunity to select the best for them.

Offers are binding for us but Non-binding for you until agreement

All offers are based on a fixed hourly rate. The offers provided to you on your case are non-binding until your final confirmation. This ensures all our customers have complete control over their own legal journey from the start. We value your trust and feedback which is why LegalHero only charges for the completed work done.

Secure payment feature

Our encrypted platform is connected to Stripe for all payment information handling. We accept most debit and credit cards.

Customer service feature

Legal steps can be intimidating, extensive and lonely at times which is why LegalHero has 24/7 support for all your queries and worries. Our easy to use platform has been created on the foundation where our customer needs come first. In cases where you may require help in explaining our process, answer questions or simply to provide us feedback about your journey, our customer support is ready to take your call. Contact us for assistance on any concerns or feedback.

Your concerns are our priority which is why we do our best to provide you with airtight assurance for your legal needs through our LegalHero insurances on your active cases. Click here to read more about our insurance

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