The market needs innovation

Traditional law firms work in a way that you often get employed as a young associate and then for many years have to make a profit for the partners at the top.

Oftentimes the partners do not necessarily bother to do the legal work - they sell it.

Traditionally, the only opportunity for people with a legal degree under partner level has been to continuously do the hard work in the hopes of one day being admitted into the partners’ circle.

For this reason, over 60% of the overall pay does not go to the lawyer, who does the work, but instead to the partner, the office, the secretary, the insurance and the administration.

LegalHero is in many ways aware of these issues and has for that reason circumvented what has become traditional and provided a solution that the hardworking lawyers want to be a part of.

At LegalHero, we charge based on an hourly rate and only take a third of the cut, which allows the remaining to go to the lawyers. At the same time, the entire legal service takes place digitally, which allows all parties to save enormous amounts of money on offices and expensive mahogany furniture.

Because LegalHero stands for marketing, administration, insurance and payment, an ambitious advisor can bill 100-130 hours a month.

Change for relevancy

Even when the 6 weeks of paid vacation is over, a lawyer/advisor will still be able to make a healthy living. More importantly, advisors can take on the work they want and the cases they want, without having to worry about anything, but providing competent legal advice.

This way our clients win, because they no longer have to pay 300 GBP/hr, and our advisors win, because they keep the vast majority of the overall value of their work.

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