Accessible legal services is a necessity - affordable prices is key

Have you found legal prices mind-boggling?

This may sometimes lead to clients making an unreasonable choice between; breaking your wallet or breaking the law. Resulting in legal advice from cheaper and untrustworthy places leading to greater legal problems.

LegalHero has realised that these challenges facing the UK market are completely avoidable through the Internet. Digital law platforms are the Internet solution. However the internet comes with its own challenges that needs to be addressed when dealing with sensitive concerns and materials. We have recognised fears and concerns of utilising a digital law platform for sensitive legal details. The following sections have been updated to answer your questions; our solicitors, platform features, warranty, security, data protection and cookie policy. Our LegalHero digital platform is secure, safe and accessible in terms of costs and user-friendly features. We have been designing our platform with your needs in mind.

Best digital law legal concept for all at reasonable prices

LegalHero modernised legal practice allows our solicitors to be paid reasonably without extreme costs for our customers. We believe in transparency on how our platform operates and the prices charged. Our solicitors are paid a fixed hourly commission based on the specific task, workload and resources needed on the completed billable hours. When our customers receive offers all solicitors earn exactly the same hourly commission. The differences between offers are the total hours needed for the task, similar experience, break up of time dedicated to each portion and the process for completing the task. Since our service is entirely digital we save extra added costs needed for things like offices and mahogany furnitures. LegalHero stands for marketing, administration, insurance and payments made which is why an ambitious solicitors can bill for 100-130 hours a month instead of worrying about these extra headaches.

Change for relevancy

Everyone needs a break! It is important to recharge and get ready to do your best. Even when a 6 weeks of paid vacation is over, our solicitors would always be able to make a healthy living. The best part is that our solicitors are able to take on cases when they want where their only concern is how to provide the best legal advice to our clients.

It is a win - win solution for everyone involved. Our solicitors keep the integrity of their work while getting paid the amount they deserve while our customers no longer have to pay 300 GBP/hr where they can not make head or tails of the final bill. Our concept at LegalHero is the best solution for everyone as it improves legal certainty in society at affordable prices in a respectful and fair way.

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