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Our lawyers are carefully selected legal experts within their respective legal areas. LegalHero only picks the best lawyers and all candidates have gone through a personal screening process that involves a background check, reference check as well as multiple personal interviews. This way LegalHero is able to ensure that the quality of the products we- and our lawyers deliver is top tier.

Choose between a wide range of qualified lawyers.

Our lawyers all have the following in common:

  • They average 11 years of experience with legal work
  • They are personally quality controlled and verified by LegalHero
  • Each advisor is an expert within his area and only works the cases that fit his/her description
  • LegalHero quality controls all it’s advisors’ work
  • LegalHero is liable for all its advisors’ work and guarantees secure processing of case information as well as a high degree of professionalism
Rasmus Balle

Cand.jur. 2010 Københavns Universitet

Thomas Hjorth

Cand.jur. 2000

Kim Edelmann

Cand.jur. Københavns Universitet 1986

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