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Just, Right and Fair are values that are commonly shared between LegalHero and all our solicitors. LegalHero is based solely on an online platform requiring our solicitors to be up-to-date with modern working environments. Our solicitors are aware of the challenges faced by working online and LegalHero has all the solutions for solving these challenges. Digital law is a modern day solution for a legal concern handled offered by LegalHero. LegalHero consistently strives to achieve these values with the help of our solicitors. Our long term mission will benefit our customers, our solicitors, British Society and LegalHero. In order to achieve this we consistently assess the quality of advice delivered, case handeling and the overall journey experienced by our customer as well as our solicitor. This allows Legal Hero to assume responsibility in ensuring quality service. In order to achieve this Legal Hero has taken the role to find new ways to constantly work towards improving and providing our customers with first-rate service.

Choose between a wide range of qualified lawyers.

All of our finest have this in common:

  • Providing top-notch just, right and fair solutions
  • Accepted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • Undergone a pre-vetting process by Legal Hero regarding their qualifications and specialisations
  • Experts in their field with an average of 11 years of experience within their respective legal fields
  • An average customer success and appreciation rating of 4.8/5
Rasmus Balle

Cand.jur. 2010 Københavns Universitet

Thomas Hjorth

Cand.jur. 2000

Kim Edelmann

Cand.jur. Københavns Universitet 1986


Digital legal services can seem daunting for those that have yet to start the journey or have suffered from previously bad experiences. We understand your concerns and worries around starting this experience. This is why we have focused our attention in creating a user-friendly digital legal platform that is easy to use and time efficient.

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