Cross Border

LegalHero is among the few teams nationwide, who takes a special interest in cross-border disputes. 

LegalHero has an international origin. Our advisors work closely amongst each other within our network accompanying clients with tasks, such as:

  • Enforcing agreements and contracts, where one party or company is based outside of the UK. 
  • Helping clients recover international debt 
  • Assisting clients with cross-border insolvency 
  • Contract and commercial law 
  • Insurance 
  • International property law 

We have made it our goal to select international advisors with experience ranging in many different legal areas of contention, all in order to ensure they are independant and that they share our values and enthusiasm to provide you, our clients, with cost-effective and top-tier advice. 

Cross-border disputes can be complex, and the rules and regulations surrounding it can be confusing. As international business becomes more common, so too does cross-border disputes. The area of international business has become increasingly complex and for that reason, operating both online and across multiple jurisdictions will inevitably lead to cross-border disputes that quickly can become very intricate and challenging for everyone, even the most seasoned business person. We advise on not taking the easy way out, when it comes to legal services, especially if it concerns cross-border disputes. 

LegalHero regularly navigates the challenges that handling cases concerning multiple jurisdictions poses, but also assists with cross-border negotiation and mediation.

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