Do what others legal experts have done and use LegalHero as your administrative legal infrastructure.

“For me, it’s possible to work regardless of the time and place. I choose the legal areas that interest me as well as the cases that I want to offer my legal services on. The different types of tasks offer a good and varying kind of work day, where my professional skills are constantly put to the test. It is an incredibly flexible platform, where family- and privacy goes hand in hand, which have been the most important factor for me with children.”

Maja Kaas Spanggaard, rådgiver hos LegalHero

Save the costs of administration and focus on being a lawyer. The rest will be handled by LegalHero

Find new clients

LegalHero’s marketplace regularly receives new cases. We ensure that the cases are properly assessed and that the clients expectations are set in advance. For you, it is easy to place an offer and win your cases to the extent that fits you.

We have made it both easier and more transparent to create your own client portfolio with new cases month after month.

Retain existing client relationships and build new ones

As well as finding new clients, LegalHero’s platform allows you to retain your existing clients. Through your personal profile, your clients can create cases and receive your services, thereby bypassing LegalHero’s ordinary marketplace. This way, you can still enjoy all the benefits of working on LegalHero’s platform without having to pull clients through LegalHero’s marketplace.

There is no reason to let existing clients miss out on the digital service experience. By moving your existing activities over to LegalHero’s platform, you can create an overview over your active and closed cases.

Tailored case handling system

LegalHero’s tailored platform allows you to control your entire advisory position through one cloud-based solution. You can access your digital office from all units, regardless of where you are.

There are multiple advantages to working digitally. Not only does it allow for an overview, it also frees your work from time and place.

Guaranteed payment

LegalHero’s integrated payment system ensures that you are paid for your work. LegalHero is liable for the risk of non-payment, which means you do not have to waste your time chasing unpaid bills.

Your salary is paid on a monthly basis. LegalHero handles all accounting from VAT to taxes.

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