Legalhero serves many different clients

  • 50% of all LegalHero’s clients stem from the private sector, while the other 50% are companies. The reasons for using LegalHero are the same for both groups: to gain access to competent legal services without compromising with efficiency and budget.

  • The demand for an alternative to the traditional law firms is rising and LegalHero’s legal services are for more and more people the preferred choice within a wide array of legal areas of contention.

Some of our customers

These types of tasks are solved for a multitude of our clients:

Private entities

Private users use LegalHero for family- and inheritance law related issues as well as legal advice within rental- and employment law. Among other things, LegalHero also assists many private entities with filing complaints and processing cases against governmental agencies.

Small and medium sized companies

Many startups and SMVs utilize LegalHero for its legal services with company- and commercial law. Furthermore, LegalHero also frequently assists with employment law as well as contractual questions.

Large companies (in-house)

In-house advisors in the top firms around the country utilize LegalHero’s advisors for both projects in all sizes. Oftentimes, our advisors within Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law, Tort law, IT-law, GDPR or rental law assist with these matters.

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