Insurance Law


Insurance law, and the practice surrounding it, is very significant to individuals as well as the commercial sector. Insurance law is important to your company, as it includes the regulation of the business of insurance, regulation of the content of insurance policies as well as claim handling.

In Insurance Law, our advisors will usually be tasked with discerning whether or not their clients are liable for damages for claims or eligible for in relation to the warranties stipulated in the relevant contracts. In that regard they will collect evidence from a range of sources in order to properly construct a picture of what has happened. In doing so, they are able to advise your company accordingly. 

It might also be the case that a client requests that our advisors negotiate and/or draft insurance policies, cover regulatory aspects and investigate damages for late payments or for personal injury claims.

LegalHero has dealt with all of the above and has had experience dealing with every type of customer such as:

  • individuals
  • commercial sector
  • insurance purchasers
  • and more

How do I know if I need legal advice regarding insurance?

You may need an insurance advisor, if:

  • Your insurance company (auto, health, homeowners, life, disability, rental, etc.) isn’t covering something they should or is otherwise being unfair
  • You were held liable for actions that you should not have been held liable for
  • You’re unable to obtain insurance


Your insurance advisor should be able to interpret your agreement with your insurance agency and from there advice on whether they are acting in accordance with the agreement. If that is not the case and the insurance agent is acting unfairly or breaching the terms of the contract, you have a case on your hands that LegalHero is more than capable to assist you with and advise you on.

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