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At LegalHero, we don’t do endless lists of sub-par legal professionals. Instead we aim to create a global network of people we know, trust, and are proud of.

All of our lawyers are handpicked because of their extensive knowhow within their area of expertise.

Our UK professionals are specialised in the following areas of law:

Labour- and Employment Law

Reviewing and drafting contracts, labour- and employment conditions, termination etc.

Company and Commercial Law

Reviewing and drafting contracts, which includes NDA, license agreements, terms and conditions etc. We are also able to assist you with registering/incorporating your company, a holding company as well as more simple tasks such as raising capital, decreasing capital, making a term sheet, an investment agreement and more.

Contract Law

Reviewing and drafting all kinds of contracts, such as cooperation agreements, agency agreements, rental agreements etc. If you have any problems with an existing contract, we are able to assist with that as well.

Technology and Data Protection

Reviewing and drafting contracts, privacy policies, cookie policies, administration of IPR as well as all aspects of compliance and data security.

Tax Law

General and specific advice regarding both domestic and international tax law. Do you know which costs are deductible and which are not? Have you remembered to duly register and coordinate your accounting procedures, so you are compliant with all the tax laws?

Insurance Law

Reviewing and drafting claims and insurance policies. Discerning whether or not you as a client is liable for damages or not. Discerning whether or not a third party is liable for damages and whether a compensation is appropriate.

Intellectual Property Rights

Reviewing and drafting contracts, license agreements, enforcing rights involving everything from design, patent, trademark, copyright etc. Specifically enforcement of existing rights being violated by a third party.

Property/Real Estate Law

The broad area of real estate may present various legal challenges including permissions to build, alter or change a permitted use of properties, or the structuring of deals of sales and leases of land and buildings.


A detailed understanding of Brexit and its impact on you as a current-, soon-to-be- or previous citizen in the UK, which includes the legal ramifications and the necessary steps to take in order to ensure that you are legally covered.

Cross Border Law

Enforcing agreements and contracts, where one party or company is based outside of the UK. Helping clients recover international debt. Assisting clients with cross-border insolvency.