Technology- and Data Protection Law

Technology law is intertwined with almost every aspect of other legal areas like contract law, intellectual property rights, and more. However, to identify the technical issues and the relevant legal issues, it requires unique skills and substantial knowledge of technology. For this reason, your business needs to consider technology law in order to stay updated on the latest laws that regulate, protect, and license the technology. 

Additionally, when British businesses are handling customers’ data, they are legally bound by specific regulations. The Data Protection Act 2018, for instance, regulates how your business should store customers’ data, whether you are allowed to obtain the data, and when you are allowed to send out newsletters. 

At LegalHero, you can get help in navigating this developing area of law. By submitting your case to our platform, you will receive a non-binding offer from one of our technology lawyers. Once you have accepted a satisfying offer, the correspondence and legal advice will all be done through the platform at your convenience.

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